PR Girl Rant! Podcast

PR Girl Rant! Is a podcast produced and hosted by Michelle A. Pascal, a public relations professional, entrepreneur and principal of Map unlimited PR, a full-service public relations agency. PR Girl rant, is a platform/safe place for other public relations professionals; whether independent like myself or in-house to rant about whatever grinds their gears regarding the PR industry. Also, the fun, wacky spirals and insane shenanigans that engulfs us each day and keeps coming back for more.

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Every Business Owner Should Hear This
Even though I don’t work in PR, I did learn a lot about different takes on branding and working with ideal clients. A must listen for anyone with a brand or business!

Great Insight!
Enjoyed hearing behind the scenes PR stuff

Things I Needed to Hear !!!
It give you the straight facts without the fluff and I appreciate that!!! I really enjoy this and looking to hear more.

PR Girl Rant Podcast by Michelle A Pascal